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  1. Dilli Mail 1st Mar 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm The show had an input from Aligarh Muslim University whcih was hosting its 4 day long Annual National Film Festival. Umar, the media manager for this event fed us live from Aligarh. There was a question on a market close to CP which is famous for a having a variety of women's fabric and garments and is slated to be facelifted soon. And as usual had the best of Bolly Rock, the only show of its kind that way. Listen and Enjoy!
  1. JHasto Ke Ghar Baste 1st Mar 2009 3:00pm-5:00pm For the first time they talked serious though for just  a while just to bring down the point that exams should NOT be treated as a fear and the make and break of one's life. Naren wasnt feeling well but the exact opposite was obvious from his voice. Uusal dose of humour and pot shots at each other and their boss who has become an integral part of the show. They also surprised OP Ratore another great RJ who was celeberating his birthday unaware that he is being put live on the show while being wished!
  1. Just For You 8th Feb 2009 2:00pm-3:00pm This is Malancha's Last Show on FM Rainbow India, a show where she took us through the various stages of her love for music and also through them touched upon the people that influenced her taste of music. Some really great tracks, Love Bites and Whats Going on are two of them which hold some special memory for Fakhruddin as well, with whom she did the last part of the show. Today the show was upbeat and was such  a memory to cherish for the life time. Naren too did his bit of adding humour and making the parting look so cool through his one liners at the fag end of the show. With this one of the finest and most heart touching RJ moves on in her life, ready to influence t he big world through some other way. Listen to this special show! 
  1. Dilli Mail 8th Feb 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm  This week the show was back to its uptempo pace and beat with stories ranging from the Lunar Eclipse to campus roundup to railways to metro rail. Nothing much to write about except that give it a listen if you want to keep a pace with the ever developing and improving city called Delhi. Needless to say its the only show on radio where you get a flavour of Bolly Rock with one full hour decked with rock songs from Bollywood.
  1. Dilli Mail 1st Feb 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm So with the National week long mourning still on what could one do, well he could have played few more dark songs but then he wondered what is mourning for? if it is for paying your tribute and respect well then he doubts anyone if in his/her living life would preach that one be in the sad and gloom all day on his/her death. So I guess he decided to follow both; play songs which go with the theme and the theme being 'Care'. The show starts off without a mention of regular ' Theatre Update for the evening' and he talked about the Exam Helpline and then about the Senior Citizen Free Cab-line and then the Railway upgradation/New Introduction and how could one bring themself to the nature with Bonsai, ending the show with an update on College roundup. For Bonsai he dialed out to Mrs Santosh Arora from Lucknow who has been into this for as long as he has been alive. The playlist continued to be Bolly Rock and yes next week he will be back with their usual upbeat presentation. 
  1. Hasto Ke Ghar Baste 1st Feb 2009 3:00pm-5:00pm Alright the mourning was on and they were to do this show minus any Humour, so no gigling and no laughing and strictly dead pan delivery. As a mark of respect they stoped playing Jingles and cut down on whole lot of advertising/Promo and absolutely no Sound Imaging. He took a deep breath while Malancha was closing her show and then yours truely starts the show in his most serious and soberest voice and before yours truely could even introduce the show Naren and Malancha burst out gigling, that was how serious he was sounding! I lost count on how many times Naren did that and on few occasions he had to cut out even his own mike for even he too just couldnt control himself. After a few more of such Faux Paus they decided to not sit face to face which of cource lead to lot of overlap with he and Naren cutting each other out. At the end of the show I felt this was the most deadliest and funiest show ever and I have heard it 5 times already and I still burst out laughing. Are these guys mad!! I am sure they are. The question this week was, what was that which you always wanted to say but missed out as the person moved out of your life (or even his/her own life). Half of the responses were about how they were presenting the show, of cource they couldn't reveal why they were doing the show in such a tone down manner since they couldnt control on the laughter and it would have been  a far bigger disrespect to our Late President had they mentioned that it was because they were paying our respect on behalf of the nation to him, I sincerly pray that the soul forgives them for their intention wasnt to disrespect ever! Playlist... well lets not even talk about it and Naren!! well never invite him for any serious occasion, he cant stay serious ever!
  1. Just For You 1st Feb 2009 2:00pm-3:00pm Malancha is the host of this show and the reason this is here is because she is going away to do one of the most sensible thing of her life i.e. to get married and not just that, she is off to a far away land where we wouldnt tempt her with Rainbow India FM. Like he once said to her if he wasnt a RJ himself, he would have been one hell of her fan, she has one of the best voice and lets not even talk about what she is as a person, she is one who would melt the anger out of you. She should have been a singer but then we would probably have lost out on her as a RJ so its tricky to say what we lost or what we gained. Anyway here is her show which is her second last. The recording is not how I would have wanted but it is all my fault. Though he did say to her, just forget maths but the fact is maths is getting better of us and finally it is indeed her last show next week and yes he will co host with her some part of the show for it will be such a memory for life and a pleasure which he, like us all would cherish life long!
  1. Midday Hungama 11th Jan 2009 1:00pm-2:00pm This is the first and so far the only Midday Hungama that he did this year. Done from the studios which finally favours the Live-DJ Mix play for a DJ like him so it seems he had a blast. Check out the Mixes. The question was about him losing his memory and paying a Taxi Driver when all he was doing was driving his taxi ahead of him on all the way to his destination , Why did he pay him and why would taxi driver drive ahead of him all the way, Think think or just listen!.
  1. Dilli Mail 24th August 6:00pm-7:00pm So this is the only bollywood Rock Music show in the whole universe! well what a cheap way of latching on to the empty space, well maybe no, for there is no ready classification of Bollywood Rock Music infact BollyRock wasnt ever really played on the radio except the songs which became popular and came in the mainstream. This show calls for a whole lot of research which means buying/listening to soundtracks and then building the playlist. The content is just getting better and now we have some 60 songs bank for this show and this is just the begining so dont miss catching this landmark show on the radio.
  1. Midday Hungama - 24th August 1:00pm-2:00pm A show which showcases latest highly energetic songs with Live Mix in the Studios along with one really tricky "Questions from Hell" where listeners Text their answers on  +91-9327926120. The answers are then classified into ones which "Suck" or which were "Fantastic" and then one Winner is selected from the correct answer. This week the question was a train and my car both started at the same time from New Delhi Railway station to Kanpur. But then i realised that my car had slow punctures but I didnt have time to get  them patched or air pressure redone until i reached Kanpur. How is it that the car manages to reach Kanpur? magic huh ;)
  1. Midday Hungama - 20th July 1:00pm-2:00pm A show which showcases latest highly energetic songs with Live Mix in the Studios along with one really tricky "Questions from Hell" where listeners Text their answers on  +91-9327926120. The answers are then classified into ones which "Suck" or which were "Fantastic" and then one Winner is selected from the correct answer. This week the question was what gets tougher as it breaks, listen to find out.
  1. Dilli Mail 20th July 6:00pm-7:00pm A show which is still evolving but the music content has almost found  direction. It will feature the most exclusive music, something which isnt played anywhere and therefore will find airplay on this show. The other side of the content is still not decided, it still follows the  magazine format but needs to move on from that format to something more suiting the youth especially the college crowd. The show should be able to set a stage for the 7pm Talent Hunt show but that will take some time. So enjoy the exclusive Rock tracks from Bollywood for this week and let Fakhru know how it was.
  1. Dilli Mail- 13th July 6:00pm-7:00pm A show which is in the evolving stage but this week was a subtle ode to Sunny Soni, friend and a very competent RJ who passed away on Friday Morning suffering a fatal heart attack.The show playlist comprised of debuting songs except for a couple which were played as an ode to Sunny.
  1. Midday Hungama - 15th June 1:00pm-2:00pm A show which showcases latest highly energetic songs with Live Mix in the Studios along with 2 really tricky "Questions from Hell" where listeners Text their answers on  +91-9327926120. The answers are then classified into ones which "Suck" or which were "Fantastic" and then one Winner is selected from the correct answer. This week was the Father's Day special so the questions had an element of father in them, one of the question was "a father on his death bed asks his 3 sons to get him something which  is large enough to cover his room and small enough so as to fit in their pocket; so what do the son who finds his father's trust as the caretaker get?" and the other question was" A girl boasts to her friends at school that her father and grandfather both are of same age; how?". There was a Father's day special Bumper and Monsoon hits delhi on this day so there was a welcome to monsoon as well.
  1. Midday Hungama - 8th June 1:00pm-2:00pm A show which showcases latest highly energetic songs with Live Mix in the Studios along with 2 really tricky "Questions from Hell" where listeners Text their answers on  +91-9327926120. The answers are then classified into ones which "Suck" or which were "Fantastic" and then one Winner is selected from the correct answer. This week the questions were "two teams with scores 71 and 42 were playing a volleyball game and then the second team gets one point and is declared a winner; how come?" and " A school inspector on one of his inspection finds that in one of the classes no matter what the question is asked all the studenys seem to know the answer as everyone raises their hand and teacher then asks one of hem to give out the correct answer, how?". These were tuff questions and therefore did anyone manage to crack them? Could you?, well listen to find out.
  1. Gaane Ke Bahane - 24th Feb 10:15am -11:30am A dial in Dedication show where you can call on +91-11-23421080 and +91-11-23421082 and or Text on +91-9327926120. This week he had amazing production which was slick and was very "modern" in feel. Fakhruddin had a recorded addon which he would play quite often calling himself a DJ and also had another one which would say that he is taking request. Nice DJ style show.
  1. Rainbow India Road Show 22nd Mar - 3:00pm-5:00pm A special show covering RJs Holi Celeberation where Fakhruddin dialed out to few RJs and found out how they celeberated Holi this Year. In this extended show Fakhruddin also asked listeners how they celeberated their Holi. For the first time Any RJ played a mixed out Station Jingle with Holi beats.Normally on this show Fakhruddin has an outdoor RJ through him he interacts with listeners on venue. He also after this show ganged up with Malancha on the Rainbow Classic.
  1. Rainbow Classics with RJ Malancha - 22nd Mar 5:00pm-6:00pm A special show where Malancha went overboard with her singing fever, she has been with Euphoria and has given back-up vocals for them. She just got Fakhruddin to gang up with her and for the first time made it a co-hosted show and why not after all  it wasnt an ordinary day; we were celeberating Holi
  1. Gaane Ke Bahane - 25th Feb 10:15am-11:30am A dial in Dedication show where you can call on +91-11-23421080 and +91-11-23421082 and or Text on +91-9327926120. This week he had a bad throat but sounded real cool.
  1. Gaane Ke Bahane - 10th Feb 10:15am-11:30am A dial in Dedication show where you can call on +91-11-23421080 and +91-11-23421082 and or Text on +91-9327926120. Fakhruddin does it every 2 weeks and doesnt put many Listeners on air and generally reads the dedication. He always prefers to mix songs and that gives a pretty high energy feel to the show. He really makes people work for their dedications and that acts as an attraction. Occasionally he takes pot shots at just about anyone including himself..
  1. Country Carnival - 31st Dec'07 5:15pm - 6pm This is a show where a Radio Jockey plays Western tracks of his own choice and he did the show on one of those rare occasions. Generally he does Hindi shows and is one of probably the only RJ who does both Western and Hindi Shows. He has mentioned at times that he use to be a Western Jock earlier on and maybe thats why he continues to do them even now albeit occasionally.
  1. Hasto Ke Ghar Baste - 25th Nov 3-5pm This use to be a dual Jockey show but is now converted into a One Jock show. Fakhruddin did this show after months.Atul Mathur a Television and theatre actor was the guest from Mumbai. He was quite popular for "Lo Kal Lo Baat" show on Sony TV. In the second hour there is a question which Listeners answer through SMS and sometimes on Phone as well. The question for this week was "What do you do when you are angry" Funny Answers like always to match the wit of the RJ.
  1. Midday Hungama - 29th July 1-2pm This is a show where initially Fakhruddin use to play Tambola and then there use to be Tambola and Few Puzzles. These days its changed many formats and whenever Fakhruddin does it he prefers to ask 2 Tricky questions and listeners either call or Send in their answers. The questions for this week were " what will happen if a person is pushed out of the airplane and he falls on solid ground without any parachute or assistance" and " what would you choose if you were a Birbal and were given to choose between Justice and a Gold Coin".
  1. Humse Hai Zamana - 22nd July'07 7pm This is a Rainbow's very own Talent Hunt Show. Phoenix a local amateur band was the guest and was interviewed by Fakhruddin. Also featured were Jaspal Singh who has made some arrangement on his Computer where he can play any song from 1932 instantaneously. Prem Chand Premi presented one of his Poem.
  1. Tararumpumpam - 18th July'07 8:30pm This is Rainbow's weekday Dance Music Show where Fakhruddin played some of the back to back music live mixed by him.
  1. Citi Lites - 25th May'07 6-7pm A show where Fakhruddin covered the Delhi University Admission process and the awaited Class 12th Board Results.
  1. Geet Mere Naam Se - 26th May'07 10-10:45am A show where the Presenter gets to play songs of his own choice.
  1. Midday Hungama - 28th May'07 1-2pm This week's questions were "What is 2 into 2" and "which scientist was offered the presidency of a country but he refused".
  1. Hotline Baatein Idhar Udhar Ki 29th May'07 10-10:45am A Chat Show where listeners call in and the Radio Jockey interacts with them on just about anything. The idea is to get to know the Listener.
  1. CitiLites 31st May'07 6-7pm A show where Fakhruddin Interacted with few High scorers of Class 10th Board Exams finding out what they wanted to do in their life.

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